SPL Asset
Our SPL asset focuses on providing users with rewards for interacting with our exchange and solutions, for referrals and many more activities to provide
  • This is part of our "Wealth" focus and is the 2nd solution in the ecosystem.

Name & Symbol

Our SPL asset is called Lumos Rewards and it uses the symbol LRA.


Lumos Rewards (LRA) uses 9 decimals.

Minting Address


Total Supply

The total supply has been established as 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion) LRA.


"Lumos" is a latin word defined as "Light" which we felt compliments the Solana Network perfectly as SOL is the latin word for "Sun".
Without the Sun there is no Light, without Solana there is no Lumos 😉


LRA will be earned in the following ways;
  • For trading on our exchange
  • For referrals using unique invite links
  • For participating in events on Discord, Telegram or Twitter
As individuals use our ecosystem and help us grow, the more they receive in return.


LRA will become a spendable asset in the future, after the development of a debit card solution.
You will be able to send and receive LRA just like any other asset for now however in-store spending, will not be immediately supported.
Last modified 2mo ago
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